35 Best Landscape Cycads: A Closer Look

This full-color guide introduces you to 35 cycads selected for top growth, appearance and versatility.

Beautiful, drought-resistant cycads are ideal for striking low-maintenance landscape designs. Benefit from our 25 years growing cycads with this full-color guide to the 35 top-performing landscape cycads. Not only does this guide feature several photos of each species, it gives you valuable information about:

Encephalartos horridus--Healthy Cycad in Garden

• sun and shade tolerance
• what plants grow best in heat or cold
• which plants grow the fastest and the biggest, and which ones remain compact
• what plants are ideal for your climate, whether it’s moist and tropical or dry and temperate

See what these cycads look like in a landscape, and get the information you need to choose the cycads that will perform best in your landscape, by filling out the form to the right.


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