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Grow healthier cycads with these 10 simple tips

When you invest the time and money to grow a cycad, wouldn’t it be nice for your plant to flourish year after year?

This free 3-page guide gives you the benefit of our 25 years' experience growing cycads, and shows you how to:

  • Select the right cycad for your landscape, climate and location
  • Prepare your cycad and site to establish your plant well
  • Plant your cycad correctly for the best possible growth
  • Water and fertilize properly to maximize growth and minimize problems

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or a novice. Whether you want to experiment with one or two cycads, or you want to grow your own healthy cycad garden, you’ll want to get this free guide now by completing the brief form to the right.

Cycad: Encephalartos paucidentatus

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